Writer | DéLana R.A. Dameron is an artist who believes in the power of storytelling to move people. She is the author of the poetry collections Weary Kingdom (2017) and How God Ends Us (2009), published by University of South Carolina Press, and has a new novel-in-stories called REDWOOD COURT forthcoming from Dial Press. In addition to a BA in History, Dameron holds a MFA in Poetry from NYU where she was a Goldwater Hospital Writer’s workshop fellow, and was named the 2018 Summer Poet in Residence at the University of Mississippi, Oxford. 

Cultural Caretaker | As a creative culture-maker with more than 15 years experience in non-profit fundraising and program development in the areas of arts & culture and education, DéLana R.A. Dameron’s storytelling practice forms the bedrock of her fundraising expertise, organizational strategy, and community-building. In 2013, she began Red Olive Culture Commons, a boutique consulting firm specializing in fundraising and organizational development for small and mid-sized arts & culture organizations. She is also the founder of Black Art Futures Fund, and from 2017—2022 distributed more than $600,000 in unrestricted grants to Black arts and cultural organizations across the US whose budgets remained below $500,000. In 2021, she launched Saloma Acres, a 22-acre cultural and equestrian playspace for adults in Blythewood, South Carolina, and concurrently launched a DIY residency space for Black artists and cultural workers to escape and create and dream.

After 13 years abroad in New York City, she returned in 2019 to her native Columbia, South Carolina.

DéLana R.A. Dameron is a Black Southern poet + writer, equestrian, community architect, and cultural caretaker. 

Black Art Futures Fund reinvests commitment in the value of Black Art, and to the art and culture of all marginalized or occupied peoples, as a necessary invention and intervention toward a truly sustainable, free and, in fact, not-so-very-distant future.

Saloma Acres is a 22-acre cultural and equestrian playspace in Blythewood, South Carolina.