Week 4 Recap: Brooklyn Half Training + Scotland Run 10k Race Recap

Last week was a solid week of training! Even Coach is saying that I’m rocking this training cycle, which is great, because #ihavegoals 🙂

Here’s picture view:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.13.26 PM

  • 4 runs
  • Longest Run: 8 miles (Scotland 10k + 2 miles)
  • No Cross Training………I NEED TO WORK ON THIS.

I’m trying really hard to maintain 4 runs this training cycle, and so far, so good! I think it is definitely helping me see the gains in my long runs quicker–instead of just maintaining mostly, and getting longer. Sunday’s run of 3 miles was nice and easy, and it’s so great to see that my “easy” runs are quicker than my “easy” runs in the Fall.

This will be my first time using a coach to plan for a half marathon. It’s interesting, my first half marathon, I just ran a lot…and just tried to get faster, and just ran some more, as my training (some variations on Hal Higdon…). The second half marathon, a few months later, was actually mostly cross-training, and a long run, maybe a short run during the week, but it was a perfect storm of swimming, bike commuting, and boot camp (which I didn’t think was doing anything for me, and then…it was gone. lol. and the rest, as they say, is history). C and I might have done long runs once a week, but running, ironically, during training for my second half marathon (which is also my PR half marathon) was like 3rd on the list.

So I need to get back to cross training, because I know what it can do. And my body can move a little easier now, even though I haven’t lost much weight (which is….sad) since I started 4 weeks ago. Maybe adding in Cross training will not only help strengthen the other muscles, but will also help me shed some pounds–something I’m sure will only make me faster: b/c my body will have been running/training with so much weight and then won’t have to carry it over such distances, and because I’ll be moving my boy in new ways. So, do one 1 hour session of cross training is my goal for this week. LOL But can she do it?

Scotland 10k Recap: 

So also what happened last week was my first race of the year. I had signed up for two others…and just didn’t make it to those starting lines, but finally, my day had come to line up. I was on my own, and you could tell. I tried to fall into my rhythm I had established during marathon training, but I was RUSTY. I had 8 miles for the day to run, and so I thought I was going to have a running partner to pace me for this race (I’m really trying to get faster, yall, to get back to my former glory. LOL I will never shit on 11:XX miles again!), but that didn’t work out—though it caused me to meet at Central Park a lot earlier, and eat my breakfast a lot earlier, and well. Already I’m started out on the wrong foot.

So I only do about .6 miles before the race (when I was trying to do at least 1…), and I’m alone during the race, and so I cue up my music. It was also only my second time running outside LOL for the year, and I was running on old shoes..and I left my power gels at home…and NOW you’re primed to hear how I ran a 10k with no fuel and all heart against gusts of 30-50mph. LOL. To some degree THAT was like Marathon Day, and comforted me a little: If I could run 26.2 miles in a 30-50mph headwind, surely I could do a 10k.

It started with a backwards loop of the park, which, having run 14, 16, 18, 18 miles in the park during marathon training, running backwards was actually my favorite direction. My first three miles have been some of my fastest in long-run history (2014-2015), and I sped down to the bottom of Harlem Hill. Then, my tank runneth on E.

The rest of the race was luckily “downhill” after I made it up Harlem Hill, and once I passed 90th street, I felt so good again; this was the first time I had run in this direction in this park since the Marathon…this was mile 24-26 for me. I made it then, I could make it now. So through some walking and some hard running, I made it to the end, and C took some snaps of me in action (In truth, I was going to walk until he spotted me, so then I had to run, lol, but then walked shortly after)

20150404_092948This is definitely my winter-running outfit. Also my marathon outfit. LOL. Sue me.

Anyways, I finished with a respectable 10k time, but then….wobbled to finish out the 1.2 miles left of my run to make 8 miles. My feet were not happy, nor were my legs, to still be running on old shoes.

I fixed that by doing a nice slow recovery run on Sunday. Just get the miles in, no matter how long. It felt good, I felt good.

I’ll tell you about today’s run next week, LOL. Preview: #WHEW

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