Week 5 BK Half Training Recap: Boom Boom Pow

LOL! I know, y’all. I know. That song is like 6 years old. Or ancient in song-years. Either way, it it helped make last week’s training pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. First, let me show you the pictographs:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.49.44 AM

  • Total Running Miles: 21.24
  • Longest Run: 8.5
  • Cross Training: 2x! Woot!

So last week was a pretty solid training. I hate that I almost let it pass by. I set out one goal for the week: get some cross training in. I accomplished that, twice!

Tuesdays are turning out to be my speed days–where I’m building a foundation for speed, and seeing how it plays out during the week. I don’t think I fully understood how it played out/how each run built upon it in the fall, because honesty, I was just trying to get the distance each day, not die, and live to run another day. This cycle, I really see the building up, and understand what each day is supposed to build towards. I’m growing yall. I’m growing! So Tuesday I had 1, 2, 3 minute intervals at 10:50, 11, 11:15 and did that twice. It felt like I was “holding on” not that it was impossible. That was a good sign. Wednesday’s XT day ended up being about 20 minutes on the stair climber (I have goals yall. I’m trying

Thursday I did 5 “easy” miles at a good, easy clip: 13:13.

Saturday’s Long run was supposed to be 9 miles, but I got to 8.5 and it was a miracle that that even happened! My monthly started the night before so I had fitful sleep, and Advil was no help against the cramps that morning and i was SLOWWW MOVING. I was late meeting C (who has finally agreed to even entertain running with me), and we ate our bagel, and set out on the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. Yall, I got to the base of the bridge, or .39 miles, and said to C “I DON’T THINK I’M GOING TO MAKE IT!” and C bargained with me–just get over the bridge, then we’ll come back. So, I crossed the bridge, and stopped to stretch. Then C bargained again, let’s go slow to Manhattan Bridge and come back. So I did. And when we finally made it to Manhattan Bridge, I had a little more wind in me, I didn’t die, LOL, and I was still running. So I decided to run as much of the incline of Manhattan Bridge as possible. So I did–I also know that it’s much easier incline coming into Brooklyn, so I gave myself that challenge. The other thing I’m looking to do this training cycle is increase my hill work. So this was my hill work. I only walked .15 miles near the peak, and ran the full length of the bridge!

We made it to Brooklyn, and ran straight along Flushing Ave. C wanted to take a picture of this You Go Girl tag, and I said, I mean, I should be in it 🙂 and so he obliged me, but you can’t really see the tag, but you *can* see my Spring vest that I bought at the under armour sample sale last fall!

photo 1 (22)

I said, let’s just run home. By the time we made it to the Avenue that would take us home, I only had 3.5 miles left, and I proposed that we just do some laps of Von King Park, which has a .45 mile loop. and that’s what we did. Loop loop loop loop. But it was like my safe place; I was close to home, after doing all of my running on the treadmill, it just felt so familiar to just be kind of mindlessly moving around this park that I ran some of my fastest miles there. Funny huh?

Anyways, I finished up at 8, and then ran home, and made it to 8.5. And I called it a day. LOL I suffered through. This is what the run looked like:

photo 2 (1)

I stretched right when we got in, and foam rolled, and who knew? LOLOL I felt like a million bucks the rest of the day. I fueled up on a green smoothie, and then we had dinner at a  Mediterranean restaurant at which I ate about a pound of lamb and it was great. I slept pretty good in prep for the 4 mile race on Sunday. I’ll recap that separately!

But I’ll give you a hint: it was an amazing race!

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