This version of Crazy In Love kept my feet moving this week. I’m sad how long it took me to discover it, but I am happy to have it on rotation.

In other news: I need new songs–help?

Let’s review last week’s training:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.23.37 PM

I failed at cross training last week :(. I hope to get some in this week, somewhere. Stats:

What is there to tell you? Tuesday’s run was speed + hill work. I managed to get it done, and finish at a decent pace. Knowing that Brooklyn Half has a few good hills at the beginning of the run, and hills are my weakness in general, so, since I’m not battling much else (like a bum hip, though my knee is cranky at the beginnings of runs…) right now, I’ve asked Coach to give me some hill work. I asked for it, yall. That’s growth and progress.

Thursday was 5 easy miles, and I delivered. No struggle, no pain. Just 5 miles 🙂 Howeverrr, I think the cumulation of my work life being busier, and Tuesday night I went to a show on a week night thinking I was still 21 or 22 and that exhaustion carried through for the rest of the week.

Friday came and i barely made it to the grocery store and home. I made dinner, and kissed C goodnight and went to bed. He was doing Prospect Park’s 12 mile (really 11.2) training run, and the plan was to meet up somewhere. Right now, I’m too slow to run with them (slowest pace was 12:00), and too fast for the walk/run group, and they weren’t doing the mileage I needed to do, so I was going to be on my own. I can’t wait until the day I can join a pace group….and really understand what that feels like. Anyways. I was too tired to get up anyhow. And just let my body get the sleep that it so desperately needed (I need to evaluate my vitamin intake), and by the time I got up and moving, and ran to the park (about 2 miles in), C was finishing up. But he was a doll, and waited for me! & I ran some of my fastest miles with him!

Some photos from the run!

This was a great reminder.
This was a great reminder.
True story: I run on Saturdays so I can fuel with Apple Cider Donuts :)
True story: I run on Saturdays so I can fuel with Apple Cider Donuts 🙂

photo 4 (14)

And then me and my main squeeze:

photo 5 (12)

All told, I felt GREAT after the 10 miles. Like, it didn’t feel like 10 miles. I massaged out my calves and quads before I went to bed to keep it that way, and went into Sunday’s 3 miles with almost fresh legs and ready to go! I had some wardrobe issues (not enough Aquaphor—eek! I look like I’ve been to war) which, I guess I’ll take as a badge of running faster, running harder.

Monday, Old Navy was having a sale so I treated myself to some new gear for such a great training week. I hope this high continues. On deck Saturday: 11 miles!